Smart City = No City

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In these tremendous, strange, unforgettable all-alike days of Quarantine to try to cope with the CoronaVirus spread, we are obviously and naturally thinking of what the World will be Next.

As reported, the spread and contagion are stronger within urban environments.

Are we, as a society, thinking differently on how to re define our way of living? Should high-density living areas raise some eyebrows around our society?

Every prediction about 2050 Urbanization might be fully reconsidered

So we would like to propose a reflection point on Urbanization.

Cities have been the main hubs of Innovation, Ideas Sharing, Culture and ultimately Wealth.

Human nature has pushed us to get together in larger and larger agglomerations, the way to Megacities.

This tendency has created major challenges, distortions, gradients.

Let’s list a few:

On top of all of the above, when a Pandemic hits us, cities are the most vulnerable of the human Ecosystems.