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Regional Innovation Exchange Model

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Hidrovia Parana-Paraguay Case

Executive Summary

The Hidrovia Parana-Paraguay is one of longest natural waterways on the planet, covering 3442 km (2150 ml) across 5 countries (Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) with estimated area of influence of 3,500,000 km² (1,351,357 ml²) which is equivalent in size to two states of Alaska and has a population of almost 20 million inhabitants

It represents one of the most significant transport routes for the physical integration of the Mercosur. The agreement between the countries involved, facilitates the navigation, commercialization and trading. Along this route, relevant commodities, such as soybean and iron ore, gain access to the global markets.

Bridging Value is the innovation firm with global connections across North America, Latin America and Europe focused on the Transformation of the Energy Matrix. We design, engage and manage business ecosystems around global challenges. Transportation is a relevant vertical within our Mobility approach/analysis.

We have analyzed and envisioned 15 opportunities and challenges that should be tackled to transform the Hidrovia Parana-Paraguay into a main logistic route for an economical and sustainable development for the Mercosur.

We have developed a proprietary analysis model, in which the above-mentioned opportunities were ranked according to 7 variables highlighting the most attractive areas of development.

Our overall vision is to establish a virtuous innovation cycle deploying specific local solutions integrated in a regional vision aligned with the most advanced technologies.

At Bridging Value we are fostering the formation of a consortium of entities including North and South American Universities, private Corporations, Chambers of Commerce and specialized Start-Ups to lay the foundation of a Regional Innovation Exchange Catalyst.

This Catalyst will generate multiple business opportunities connecting local and global businesses supporting the establishment of new industries and laying the groundwork for new technologies to be developed, tested and implemented which will lead to positive impacts along the enti