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Sustainability Redefined in the Post-Coronavirus World

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The World is being deeply affected by the coronavirus. Limiting or locking down hectic human activity has been having interesting positive effects:

  • Regain the commute time for your own personal life

  • Rediscover family relationships

  • Dolphins in the Venetian Laguna

  • Abrupt noise reduction in every city

  • Work - family balance reducing unnecessary meetings

  • Reduced CO2 in the atmosphere

It is unfortunate that we needed such a deadly virus to rediscover all the above.

However, as we stated in an earlier post, the World is different from what we have known so far. Hence, it is also the time to think about things differently.

Going back to our roots, we are starting to appreciate the 4 fundamental elements: water, air, fire, earth.

Our thought is that for a sustainable human life to thrive on Earth or any Earth-like planet, we would require energy, clean water and air.

Moreover, the deep debate on Climate Change/Global Warming/Anthropocene/Anthropogenic CO2 generation have been creating deep separations, debates and confrontation across every country.

How can we imagine a thriving Human-driven and Human-compatible World?

What communication and scientific tools have we to garner interest and drive actions?

It seems apparent to us that the approach to Human effect on the Earth Ecosystem should be more constructive.

We believe that:

  • Humans ultimately contribute positively when confronted with complex challenges.

  • Innovation is a long term goal when short-term commercial competition is set aside.

  • Nimble partnerships across sectors, geographies and scale will be necessary to address such challenges.

We at Bridging Value are launching a Call for Action, to redefine Sustainability standards and references by aggregating a team of:

  • max 5 people

  • with diverse background

  • willing to voluntarily take on a complex challenge

  • preferably with agile business and open scientific mindset

If you are interested, please send us a short presentation letter by e-mail and refer this project with the hashtag #SustainabilityRedefined.

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