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Coffee Breaks: Let's Relax & Share Ideas

Though we are going through difficult times, as home sheltering, social distancing, businesses undergoing critical moments,  schools closings, minimal contact with the outside, we are also experiencing a catalytic moment for changes.

What are these changes? How and when will they occur? How are we supposed to early adapt to them or fail and learn until we get used to the new normality in our lives?

All those questions are valid and probably “in the air” around everyone nowadays.

As Dave Ulrich puts in his article, some of the changes would be “principles in progress”. And one of those principles is Tolerating Uncertainty

During these times of uncertainties and instabilities or as Nassim Nicholas Taleb called them "A Black Swan", when the world we have been used to not so long ago is being shaken hardly, we need a moment to stop, take a break, breath in and slow down. It’s a moment for a “coffee break”.

Coffee breaks are great moments for some self organizing and prioritizing our pending list. Chances to lighten up our  internal creativity. And also, not less important, to socialize, discuss and  listen to others' opinions on matters we are interested in.

In many countries and cultures, coffee breaks are essential to bond with colleagues, to meet new people, and why not to do some business.

Weren't we all used to our coffee break "negotiations"? Juxtaposition of timing to meet the "right" person a the coffee machine was mastered as an art.

By the way, please don’t take me as a coffee advocate, it could be tea, any beverage (beers are ok too) or just the momentum it creates.

Today there are many articles on what many opinion makers, key journal magazines and subject matter experts propose for the future.

I have read about many of them (not all, as would be really difficult to keep up), with key potential changes:

  • Businesses will need to readapt their models or make flexible structures to surf not only post CoVid-19 but also any potential disruption that may happen in the future;

  • Supply chains will need to reconfigure and probably change from supply point of view to a demand chain;

  • Physical places as offices, shopping malls (will they continue to exist?!?!?) and grocery stores will need to modify their layout and buildings infrastructure;

  • Present configuration of cities should be redesigned;

  • Sustainability should be considered as a key agenda topic on global scale;

  • Appreciation of Talent and Skills to be developed in uncertain times.

Furthermore, at Bridging Value, we lead an interview to a future graduated of Berkeley Haas School of Business about his points of view as new generation, future work force member impacted by these changes and I was deeply touched about some questions and opinions he presented to us. The interview will be soon available on our YouTube channel.

Picturing all of this in our minds, we at Bridging Value are launching virtual “coffee breaks” moments, to engage with others on thought-provoking topics in the face of Change.

Global minds, openly and non-judgmentally discuss and lay out questions in a relax ambient, fostering new opinions and forging new relationships to design our ways into the future.

Stay tune for our first "Coffee Break" on Talent Post CoVid-19".

Be Prepared for Change and Stay Focused


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