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Retro- and Per-spectives in time of changes: Bridging Value!

While sitting in a loud Apple Store waiting for my iPhone 7 to be serviced...a flow of thoughts started streaming in, overcoming the background chatter.

Our grounding philosophy has always brought us to thinking over the past lay the ground for the future but most of all center onto our NEXT step.

Almost eight years ago, when Bridging Value came to our minds as our next evolution, the power of the words and the imaginary was strong... to us.

The year 2019 has proven that the Energy we felt is shareable is shared and is relevant for broader communities and ecosystems.

Brands, large or small, global or local, incumbent or uprising, are facing a tremendous challenge: constantly proving to be true to themselves and their acknowledged values. The flip side risk is Oblivion!

In this shifting scenarios, we collected the following statements from partners and clients:

“When you mentioned the name of your company, I didn’t pay attention to it; now I realize that your really Bridge Values across markets and industries”;

”The simple logo communicates your mission, congratulations.”

”I want to hear more, because your vision was enlightening to me”.

This connection and capability of reaching out grew our awareness and made us investigate more about our soul. The outcome are three 3 Principles of Value.

Let’s start by disconnecting Value from the pseudo-monetary concept.

Value is an intrinsic characteristic of any element; an element is an object, a team, a person, a product, a service.

Consequently, here are the Principles of Value:

  • Principle of Conservation: Value is neither created nor destroyed

  • Principle of Utility: Value is specifically applied in an ecosystem.

  • Principle of Adjacency: Ecosystems with high applied Value grow

Our mission at Bridging Value is to identify high value solutions to support thriving Business Ecosystems.

Based on the strength of our mission and our business success, we are launching the Partnership program.

We will start leveraging our new hashtag: #bridgingvalue.

We are looking for likeminded teams operating locally, thinking globally and planning to expand their outreach.

Embrace Complexity, Reach beyond your present boundaries, Become part of the Bridging Value Network.

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