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Definition of Value


Value, similarly to Energy,


the capacity of an element 

to contribute to the growth

of the ecosystem it belongs to.

The Three Principles




Principle of Conservation

Value is neither created nor destroyed

Value is an intrinsic characteristic of an element.

Every element has its specific Value.

The Value of an element can not be destroyed nor created but only transferred.

Every element is part of at least one ecosystem.

The Value of an ecosystem is the outcome of the Value transferred to the ecosystem by each specific element. 

Principle of Utility

Value is specifically applied in an ecosystem.

The Value of an element is only measured according to its utility in the specific ecosystem it belongs to.

An individual element Value will reveal its utility differently in different ecosystems. Consequently, Value of an element is in itself unmeasurable unless within the context of an ecosystem.

Principle of Adjacency

Ecosystems with high applied Value grow

An ecosystem where all elements are efficiently sharing their specific Value, will naturally grow.

A growing ecosystem will attract elements from adjacent ecosystem.

The interaction between an external element and an ecosystem will occur on the base of the utility of the transferred Value.

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