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Qatar 2022 or the New World Equilibria

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Following the end of the World Cup Qatar 2022 ⚽️ and sharing my congratulations with my Argentinian friends and family various points came up as a reflection, beyond the results on the pitch.

1 - Who were the winners:

🇶🇦 Qatar:

the "ABSOLUTE" winner, from a pariah state to global positioning beyond every controversial position…all forgotten or tacitly accepted…by the way Messi and Mbappe (and Neymar) are all “employees” and Brand Ambassadors of Qatar, right?

⚡️#Energy as a currency:

Following Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 the World is at the feet of the energy producing countries…two hints the US will soon become oil net exporter in 2023 (for Reuters by Arathy Somasekhar) and will host World Cup 2026 (with Canada and Mexico) Energy and #football are true #currencies more than others.

⚽️#Football (#soccer) 1:

the true and only worldwide sport engaging and moving people from every country of the globe

⚽️#Football (#soccer) 2:

everything is on sale and any message is relevant to place your product in the prime selling point…so, what is your #price?

2 - Who were the losers.


#bureaucracy and a mix of too short and too long term visions have jeopardized its the strategic role…now it is just a market to be conquered with any means by other often non-democratic countries


ranked last as national team (for La Gazzetta dello Sport) it is the epitome of a country with major surfacing flaws: e.g. #Energystrategy; #Banking System (Deutsche Bank); Alignment with #China and #Russia etc etc;


a supposedly #worldleader begging for prime time and being completely ignored by #Mbappe and #deschamps…(see Daily Mail News link above)

👱‍♂️👩‍🦳#Humanrights activists:

while the west is being anesthetized with the #woke movement a country totally disregarding the just and even basic human principles is, thanks to soccer, the omphalos of the world

The #FrenchRevolution principles:

the most Qatari symbols outside of #qatar is Paris Saint-Germain…the heart of the #VilleLumiere owned by the least Illuminist country in the World.

3 - What were the #Promises


a country poisoned by #shortterm vision, celebrates a victory after many defeats and many years of planning. A Natural South American leader in search of true leadership

🇮🇹🇪🇸🇬🇷🇲🇹So. #Europe:

Although beaten up by Europe stringent rules, it has a tremendous potential of #growth by collectively engaging on healthy business, energy and industrial practices with the #Mediterranean as the pulsating heart of #culture, #civilization and #trade.

4 - Who is at risk.

too many open fronts with autarkic countries with military, energy, data, bio weapons at the same time with a network of weak allies and a rampant inflation stressing the only global control tool: the #USDollar!!

As a final thought, taken from the #seleccionargentina, #Resilience, mid-term vision and #strategicpartnerships will make the #World grow again...with new equilibria towards #worldcup2026!

How is the new World Equilibrium going to look like? What is your role going to be?

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