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Candy Crash in Management

How often your projects had a clear established target? Most of the time, I hope. At the same time, how often did you have limited resources (e.g. time, budget, collaborators etc)? Quite often, I would assume if you are an active person. In addition, how often distractions diverted your focus from the above target?Distractions are like butterflies buzzing around our heads” P. McCartney.

On top of that, how many times the path to your target was hindered or blocked by unexpected and unpredicted obstacles? Last but not least, I'm sure that in the midst of all of that some urgent matter or emergency arose and needed full attention for a short period of time, didn't it? Well all of the above is condensed in any level of the famous, popular and viral game Candy Crash by King Company.

Most of the time we are so entangled in our problems/targets that we lose focus and feel like we are stuck. That is the moment when we reach out for something to make us not think of our issues….and we get mindlessly hooked playing simple games.

However, are we really “mindless” in those occasions? Our most powerful organ, the brain, keeps working and working….and at times we divert the frustration of our tasks to that of not having passed to the next level…and we pay a small amount of money to keep the game alive.

What if we would consider that money as a fee to train our brain in short-term problem solving?

Candy Crash has all the necessary features to allow for improving our problem solving capabilities. It really does work. I have tested it few times for professional and private issues and through playing the game and not passing to the next level I solved the other problem and reached my targets.

If problem solving is the core of management, in the office, at home or in any other activity, Candy Crash might hold some hidden hints to the next level in your targets in the real world.

By the way, if you want to pass any Candy Crash level, do not focus on it….but play it mindlessly!

originally published on LinkedIn on November 5th 2014


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