It is Time to go "Beyond"!!!

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of traveling globally with multiple airline companies.

For the sake of numbers: 220 Airports touched down in 4 continents; Average 45 flights a year: kids first flight at 3 months.

Passengers' discomfort & Airplanes Defects: Disruption in the Air!

Independently of how we travel, the experience usually presents unpleasant features, unless traveling on a private jet from door to door.

In the news, we constantly read of incredible stories that passengers have to endure while trying to get from place A to place B.

Usually this level of customers’ discomfort is prone to open for new players to take on the incumbents…..but those in this industry are focusing mostly on lowering prices!!!

Well, I do not believe that disruption of the airline industry will come from that perspective…..it will be originated by equipment availability.

The two main producers of aircrafts (Airbus and Boeing) are surprisingly enough in dire waters due to two symbolic products: A380 and 737 Max (as a pilot of a major US Airline told me: "We don’t want to be on that s..t!").

Victorville, CA, USA

Tarbes, France

Recovering the confidence of all the key stakeholders (leasing companies, airlines personnel, passengers etc) after these mishaps will entail a tremendous effort.