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5 thoughts for us, the users, to disrupt energy.

Few days ago while on a ski lift in Colorado during a snowstorm, I found myself pondering about a central topic: How complex is the Human Being?

Going up and down the slopes, at below freezing temperatures, I was constantly transforming energy. So Energy is about us and how we use it, right? If so the global debate on Energy changes abruptly.

Let’s go back to basic science: the first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another

If we estimate the impact on human beings of the first law of Thermodynamics, the analysis gets even more interesting.

Tesla Provocation

Allow me, at first, to engage you with what I call the “Tesla Provocation”. With the growth in demand for EV’s something incredible happened: two forms of Energy are being reconciled.

Modern mobility does not need to rely on a complete separate chain of Energy transformations (from oil extraction to gasoline refinement and distribution) but can be managed with an extension of the power we use at home. Now, car makers can control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their vehicles instead of leaving clients wondering about the “price at the pump”.

Furthermore, the integration of SolarCity aimed at offering to the EV owners the possibility of generating her/his own “fuel”

Close to us

Let’s extend this thought, what if the feedstock for the power to drive our living/working environments and our vehicles would be generated locally, as close as possible to the point of use?

How much Energy is “used” (not wasted!!) to reach our homes, working places, plants etc. to travel along the gridlines? Are the gridlines a finite resource that could hinder the implementation of more adjusted solutions?

Furthermore, referring again to the first principle of Thermodynamics, what forms of Energy we disregard today which could otherwise be used?

Leftovers//Waste Paper//Waste Water//Rain//Wind//Sun//Human motion, just to mention a few.

How can we actively harness these and others forms of Energy?

Various models are being proposed around Sustainable Cities, all supported by Smart Technology solutions generating and interpreting data to dynamically control the Energy needs evolution.

Ideas for London - by Tess Brett sponsored by ENGIE

Us Humans

As a reference, I invite you to watch the first episode of NetflixAmazing Hotels” series dedicated to the Marina Bay Sand hotel in Singapore: spot the untapped Energy sources.

Furthermore, a great reference for me is the Gates’ Foundation cornerstone project about the “toilet of the future”. After a first giggle, start thinking of the global impact within developed and developing countries of the solution to separate fresh from waste water…..

How many levels of Energy improvements can you identify? Personally, at least 9!

Actionable technologies

At present there are technologies capable of transforming all these sources of Energy in usable power. I would suggest few examples to read about:

These technologies can be scaled to meet larger demands by creating a “constellation” of Disruptive Energy solutions to meet specific needs.

Call for Action

The centrality of our role as Human beings, should push us all to take ACTION.

In our communities in our workplace in the projects we lead we should thinking beyond the present solutions and drive the Energy shift.

We at Bridging Value, scout for technical partners who could actively contribute to solving complex Energy problems.

We know it is possible, we know that the challenge ahead of us all is not simple.

Bottom line: let’s get to work together to identify how You can Disrupt Energy generation and usage in your Ecosystem.

Photo courtesy of: Winter Park Resort//'s travel blog//

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