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Lucas M. Lombardi: Bridging Value a breath of fresh air!!

Series: Interviews // Episode 1: Lucas Lombardi

After a month of having joined Bridging Value, we like to hear from Lucas Lombardi our Strategy and Marketing Analyst.

Bridging Value - Tell us about you and your background

Lucas Lombardi - I studied Marketing at UCES (Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales), the most important marketing university in Argentina. After four years of studies, I honestly thought that I was never going to study again. Some years later I did my MBA at the University of Houston. Now that I finished my MBA with a Business Development and Sales Management Concentration, I know that I have to keep studying, maybe not in an institution, but by reading about the new trends, business, markets, marketing, etc. Studying is a never ending story if you want to progress.

In my professional career, I started working when I was 18 to pay for my studies. In the beginning, I did any kind of job, from waiter to the guy who does the little things at the office. At the same time, I did some internships in the USA, once in NY where I worked as a busboy, at 19, and two times in Colorado, where I worked as a ski tech. After those experiences, I got into the marketing world. That is how I end up working for Energizer Holdings, a unique experience working together with the distributors; visiting the corner stores; the smalls markets, etc. The thing that I liked the most from this work was knowing the market from the mouth of the salesmen instead of a report. Then I worked for Ditecar, the Volvo, Land Rover, and Jaguar importer for Argentina I learned a lot working with the dealers, the car’ sales managers, working with luxury brands and luxury clients.

Every type of client is different and expects something different, knowing an Energizer battery client is very different from a Land Rover one. Additionally, my voluntary activities within the Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce and the American Marketing Association, have broadened my views about cultural impacts in business, leveraging my eagerness to learning and openness to new experiences.

BV - What are your dreams and passions?

LL - My lifelong dream is raising a healthy happy family together with growing with a company. I like the Gandhi quote: “Life is one indivisible whole.”. I mean, to be happy with my family I have to be happy in my day to day work.

My biggest passion is snowboarding; any opportunity is excellent to take me to the slopes. Overall I love the outdoors and recently I participated in the Austin Rattler MTB competition: It was a fantastic feeling crossing the finish line. Never giving up pushing beyond my limits.

BV - What attracted you to Bridging Value?

LL - What I like about BV is that every day is different. BV is a growing company with a variety of opportunities. Working with diverse types of industries is something unique. Every day is a new lesson about something. I was looking for a new challenge, and BV is precisely what I wanted: growing company, where I can see the result of my work. In few words a breath of fresh air.

BV - How do you feel you will contribute to Bridging Value?

LL - I will contribute with my different type of thinking, my experience and will to grow. I have a diverse background in various industries, working in different regions and working for other countries. Leveraging my core, I will be leading the strategic marketing efforts.

BV - How do you imagine Bridging Value will be in the future?

LL - I imagine Bridging Value having a presence in multiple strategic cities of the world, generating value for a broad and diverse range of clients: leading a new way to develop international business; at the center of innovation; influencing thriving companies.

Contact Lucas by email or Linkedin

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