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Innovation Geopolitics

The present times have exposed us all directly or indirectly to a global instability.

The World on the brink of Global Disruption requires Visionary Leaders
Global Instability: Opportunity or Chaos?

The American way of life, backbone of the American Empire, is being profoundly shaken from within. The chasm between two opposite visions of what America is all about is cutting along lines that are shaping even family and friendship relationships.

China, while Xi has extended his power, is showing relevant signs of weakness. Evergrande’s bankruptcy is just the top of the iceberg of an economy spinning almost without control.

The most relevant issue is Demographics. Decreasing and aging population, heavily distorted by the, by now, infamous One-child policy, eradicated from the countryside and amassed in infrastructurally unreliable cities is accumulating significant “stress” that will find ways to be relieved.

Europe has proven the major distortion of its institutions which are not capable of managing any type of crisis. The over-bureaucracy and the natural push for national interests does not allow for the Continent to play a relevant role. Furthermore, the lack of true leadership supported by robust governments is marginalizing the entire block.

We will go in depth and expand on the above topics in the coming posts.

What are the silver linings of these challenging times?

First of all, the human being has never been more connected to one another. Indeed, that can generate the distortion of Social Media. However, with a deep sense of analysis we have access to any information we might be looking for.

Secondly, during challenging times, humanity usually accelerates the rate of innovation. What I mean here is not the creation of more and more startups aiming to become a Unicorn, but deep fundamental innovation that will improve our lifestyle. Energy, Water, Mobility, Space Biotech are in our opinion the sectors that will shape our NEXT future.

In this previous post, we had forecasted that this instability was going to last approximately 5 years and by 2028 we would emerge to a completely new paradigm.

This hypothesis is based on and reinforced by the lessons learnt during the past few months in the School of Geopolitics by Limes.

Under the leadership of Lucio Caracciolo, together with a cohort of more than 200 professionals, we embarked on a journey to acquire and refine geopolitical analysis tools.

We will elaborate more specifically on further posts about tools and analysis.

The bottom line is that at present activating and fostering an innovative mindset is the most relevant geopolitical tool in the hands of leaders during times of instability.

So Innovation is a geopolitical tool and an Innovative Geopolitical Vision will engage leaders into designing the future.


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