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Business of Culture - by MIT - 3

Series X: MIT Bootcamp // Episode 3: Call to Action

The three pillars mentioned in The Program post are relevant for my personal take-aways. Multiple things have already changed in my way of looking at businesses, however there are more things significant to my personal engagement.

At this time, I would like to "Call to Action" and try to turn ideas into tangible actions.

1. Leverage cohort advices and know-how

The team that I was fortunate of joining brought to the program specific experiences. Each one of us met at the Viennese crossroad and from there we gave and took something. Given the diverse background, I will be regularly reaching out to evaluate and hear questions on potential businesses as well as gaining insight on what is happening and boiling in other areas different than mine.​

Being able to listen to those who have alternative ideas is destabilizing but definitively enriching. So I strongly encourage everyone to overcome self-judgments, never hesitate to reach out to others, and collect all the information that will come back to you.

2. Challenge industrial business models with Cultural perspectives

Every expansion project is a Cultural project.

Understanding the environment the people and the "games" it is always relevant. However, it is also fundamental to assess the value of Tradition (The Program).

How much would a company be willing to sacrifice of its Tradition on the altar of profit?

What would it take to enhance the communication and branding strategy to make clients see those fundamental values?

Last but not least, is assessing the long term goals, not merely from an economic perspective but also from a cultural values: What would a company be in 20 years? Would the deep values transcend and percolate into the product offer?

Answers to these basic but complex questions would allow for growth beyond the waves of the moment.

The core of Bridging Value is to help and guide companies through the above questions and answers, designing and implementing growth strategies beyond their present boundaries to create profitable business legacies.

3. Share availability within the broader network

During the four days of the program (and the extension in Europe due to Harvey) I realized that Bridging Value can be a relevant contributor to analysis and acceleration of business opportunities across multiple geographies.

As a matter of fact, we have been active and engaged while accompanying our diverse clients through their expansion process.

We have:

All of the above projects and activities are interconnected with the common goal of learning and sharing.

If you want to know more about any of them, feel free to contact us at

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