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Business and Happiness

Series 1: Close To Us // Episode 4: Business and Happiness

Don't worry, Be happy” is a tune that somehow we all can refer to.

Oftentimes Happiness is taken as a synonym of Foolishness, while in reality, a state of happiness is a lower-energy one compared to being frowned.

Let me explore this a bit more. Smiling takes only 4 muscles; frowning more than 70. It is fully up to us to decide wether to be happy or unhappy. So what are the implications of such a simple but fundamental choice?

Let's go a bit deeper. Recent studies in quantum information are pushing the boundaries of traditional physics. Particularly, the second principle of thermodynamics is being revolutionized. Entropy was considered a "property of a specific system"; while under the lenses of quantum mechanics, "it is a property of an observer (Heisenberg's principle!!!) who describes a system" (The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution - QuantaMagazine).

So if by being happy we "use" less energy than being frowned, we, observers and systems at the same time (What a conundrum this is?), what could we do with the available energy?

I'd love to share some ideas. At first, we start sharing positive energy waves (again quantum mechanics!!!), which can trigger unexpected "actions". Secondly, we would take pleasure in every simple thing around us; that means low-energy paths unwinding all around us. Thirdly, it is about receiving (or back-wave) and accelerating the contagious positive effects.

Positive experiences are equivalent to keys: they open doors!!!

From a customer experience perspective it is known that every negative experience would take 12 positive ones to be overcome: 12 to 1!!!!

Giving the stakes associated with such numbers, you should not be surprised by companies and/or organizations hiring CHOs (Chief Happiness Officers - the Patch Adams of Corporations) to try to enhance positive energy or remedy unhealthy culture damages.

Anyhow, as I tend to think, each one of us is responsible of what we send out. We are antennas and receptors of energy constantly being shared around us.

In order to lay bridges across different cultures and extend the values that generate robust business relationships, we at Bridging Value always cherish and foster "Happiness". Not being afraid of being foolish we can identify unexplored business paths for you and your organization to grow.

If you feel like a "dark cloud" has taken over your organization, contact us at to explore "happy growthTM"


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