Business and People

Series 1: Close To Us // Episode 3: Business and People

This is a People’s Business” it was the closing remark after visiting Russell at his Ohio plant. How often do we forget this simple statement?

People are the heart and the core of business; furthermore, I would say that the word “Business” would be meaningless if we take away the “People” from the play.

Over the past decade, technology has been transforming the way business is carried out. We have been pushed to see how many “people’s” job have been replaced, instead of focusing on how much more “people” we need to continue developing businesses.

As a matter of fact as correctly elaborated in the HBR article by Megan Beck and Barry Libert, in a world run by AI we would need more EI. Emotional intelligence is a feature that is part of ourselves as human beings but we are taught to limit it or control it for a “higher good” (remember Supertramp's The Logical Song?!?!)

The lack of understanding of the potentials of EI is, for me, the main single reason why large corporation will be inherently disrupted in the coming years ("the future of corporations").

I arrived to the above conclusion, by reading the words of two distinct tech visionaries, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk (Wired interview on Mission to Mars). Both pointed at the “process” as the culprit of killing people’s motivation. Large Corporations who have been in business for the multiple decades have adopted the “management by process” as the main mantra. Anyhow as both JB and EM say, process will become a behemoth which will push the most creative and most advanced minds out.

The first effect is a significant drop of over all companies EI and consequently a natural selection of non-risk-takers, which will tend to contribute the least possible, trading time for money, to a visionary growth plan. Creativity and EI are not simple to manage if we try to fit a person in a pre-constituted box.