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Business and Tradition

Series 1: Close To Us // Episode 2: Business and Tradition

Whenever we start a journey, independently of the preparation details, we always carry along ourselves and our traditions. Tradition is such that while traveling we tend to see things with our own specific eyes. Tradition also sets our way of learning.

Let’s imagine the impact of business practices and tradition when we decide embarking in growing beyond the barriers of the present situation. At first we tend to limit ourselves because “things have always been done this way”. However, all of us are somehow entrepreneurs. More so each and everyone out there who has taken the burden to walk an independent path.

The internal struggle between taking the risk of expanding and maintaining a sort of comfortable statu quo, could potentially become destructive across generations. However, for each generation to have an impact, new challenges should be embraced.

The strength and power of the younger generations should be the driver to rejuvenate old roots. Like water streams that are able to carve stones and reach those roots who are craving for new minerals.

We at Bridging Value believe that every company every team has a story engraved in its own specific tradition but as well should strive to grow beyond the present.

So cherish your Traditions and be ready to disrupt them to grow. We are here to help you.


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