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Business and Culture

Updated: May 6, 2020

Series 1: Close To Us // Episode 1: Business and Culture

Our World is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the continuous exchanges enabled by new technologies. Although information seems to be at hand, business is always developed through human interactions.

Successful business ventures are a mix of some simple but very just ingredients. First of all it takes vision and courage to embrace initiatives that can be very transformative. Opening a new sales channel, entering a new market or disrupting business models have multiple internal and external effects.

Every time we open up to the external factors we influence them and are influenced by them. To be ready to take on the challenges we engage with our clients by at first listening to them. Every company and everyone in a company has a story to tell. These stories are part of a collective background made of multiple colors, successes, failures and constant contributions. Cultures are the solid ground where to start laying one side of the business “bridge” into the future.
In a time of technological revolution, the business environment is changing so abruptly that it takes people at ease with change to be able to capture new business opportunities.
Every project is consequently a cultural project at first. It will require engaging people and accompany them to take unknown steps into territories of business discomfort.

Embrace the journey and be ready to start learning again about yourself and about the world around you: it has already changed while you have been reading this article


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