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The Novel Business Battles over DATA

Over the past 10 years, Data has become the center of debate for every business leader.

A series of new "must use" terms have been thrusted into our daily discourse: IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Digital Transformation, CyberSecurity, and so on.

Data hear tons of times every day!!! (

All of the above, triggered and generated a new market, whose potential, assessed by Precedence Research, is likely to grow all the way to $1.7T by 2030 with "a notable CAGR of 14.9% between 2021 and 2030"

The major 3 trends that triggered such revolution are:

  • Lower cost of data storage and computing power;

  • Expanded Sensors applications;

  • Accelerated business disruption.

We have been writing about the topic and the challenges of the Data Hype and the interpretation of IoT and its impacts since 2018, anticipating the disconnect that following the hype without a solid business strategy would have created major discrepancies.

Recently, while assisting one of our clients, we had to re-establish the basic business rules about Data to align with core and novel business models.

Specifically, we were exposed to the gaps between our client's clients requests ("make the alarms work") and our client's stretch on available data.

Particularly we highlighted that data is not just another business tool but is a novel weapon that can "cut" if not properly used.

From the Bridging Value perspective data is a SWORD®.

  • Smart:

    • Business Driven

    • Easy to use and apply

    • Available when needed

    • Supporting business decisions

    • Requiring adjusted and finite resources

  • Warranted:

    • Validated for and by the applications

    • Certified by third parties or against historical trends

    • Tested and Signed off prior to servicing

  • Organized:

  • Reliable:

    • Repeatable over time

    • Unmodifiable

    • Consistent over time

  • Distributed:

    • Sharable with multiple and diverse stakeholders

    • Available across selected ecosystems

A SWORD® Data Strategy relies upon a robust Sensor Strategy. In particular, we developed the Smart Device Score® or SDS®

A Smart Device:

  • Onboards highly reliable and cost-effective sensors, not limiting the overall Device reliability

  • Requires limited maintenance

  • Generates the “right” quantity of “useful” data

  • Shares data with an adequate latency for the business requirements

  • Interacts with the local ecosystem

SDS® is consequently based on specific company culture and business strategy and allows companies to:

  1. Score consistently devices within a portfolio

  2. Establish competitive benchmarks

  3. Plan spare parts management

  4. Assess data accessibility

  5. Evaluate data strategies deviations

Data are specific pieces of information extracted from an environment through a set of sensors.

Smart Devices generate Smart Data that are the foundations to establish Sustainable Business Ecosystems.

Ultimately, Data are manifestations of KNOWLEDGE and through the S.W.O.R.D approach they become INFLUENCE.

Such an Influence will impact the bottom line and the ROI of your data management as elaborated by our friend M. Nadia Vincent for SAP.

Do not let Data hinder your business!

How Smart are your Devices?

  • I don't know

  • They generate "lots" of data per second

  • More Expensive than competitive ones

  • It is just a Marketing stunt

Let's establish a business-driven data-centered conversation: Reach out here.


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