The Data Hype

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

How many times since you woke up today have you heard the following words:

  • Big Data

  • ML or Machine Learning

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence

  • Algorithm

  • Data Science

  • Digital Revolution or Digitalization

  • Tranformation

etc etc.

Buzz words are labels

In recent months, I have been very often puzzled with the dilemma: are these just "buzz words" or are we aware of the deeper implications of their meanings?

Indeed, cloud-based computing power is allowing for a deeper understanding of the environment around us "disguised" through data signals. But can anything and everything be addressed through a combination of those words?

To go deeper, I personally took on the task of wanting to learn more and be able to separate wheat from chaff.

Keep learning to overcome the shadows of ignorance

I embarked on my first online Specialization: Executive Data Management, offered by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health via the Coursera Platform.