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The Data Hype

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

How many times since you woke up today have you heard the following words:

  • Big Data

  • ML or Machine Learning

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence

  • Algorithm

  • Data Science

  • Digital Revolution or Digitalization

  • Tranformation

etc etc.

Buzz words are labels

In recent months, I have been very often puzzled with the dilemma: are these just "buzz words" or are we aware of the deeper implications of their meanings?

Indeed, cloud-based computing power is allowing for a deeper understanding of the environment around us "disguised" through data signals. But can anything and everything be addressed through a combination of those words?

To go deeper, I personally took on the task of wanting to learn more and be able to separate wheat from chaff.

Keep learning to overcome the shadows of ignorance

I embarked on my first online Specialization: Executive Data Management, offered by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health via the Coursera Platform.

The intense course staged in 5 different units delivered by Proffs Peng Leek and Caffo, focused on deeply understanding how a data driven project should be developed. From choosing the right team members and organization layout to addressing real life cases such as the limits of tools to collect relevant data, we were finally exposed to a Zillow based project.

This is only the first step of a process to really understand how to leverage data and drive true growth.

Grow by exploring beyond the box

Beside the tasks and assignments, by summarizing my takeaways I can project novel ways to engage.

  • Online courses are great if you are really motivated

  • it personally became additive,

  • pushing me to stay up late

  • researching more, reading more

  • exposing my ignorance to the tests.

  • The use of ML/AI in your discourse does not make it more interesting in my views

  • Not all the data is useful

  • do not rely on data to fill the voids of your vision....they will stay empty!

  • Share what you want to do with data more than the tools you will use.

  • My ways of expressing data relative topics has drastically changed

  • Big data can become a liability more than a strength

  • Data without vision is fuzziness not intelligence

  • An algorithm is a tool that allows your teams to accomplish specific tasks.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν (know thyself)

As living beings we constantly generate data points which can describe our behaviors.

As a matter of fact, we are the generators of those data sets.

Being mindful of such power, we can study, investigate, learn and innovate without needing a buzz word to label us.

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