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The Shift

Along a path of evolution we are often confronted with crossroads and great opportunities. We are excited to move ahead on the same direction or be agile to change and adjust to market conditions. When we decide for change that impacts us professionally and personally we have to be ready for a Shift.

“Shifting” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is:

  • to change place or position

  • to change direction

  • to change gears

  • to assume responsibility

  • to go through a change

All of the above do apply to Bridging Value transformation.

After almost 2 years in business and 5 from its conception, we have decided to:

a) reposition the company’s focus and drive;

b) integrate new and more robust competencies;

c) address the market needs from a different perspective

The biggest leit-motiv for the “shift” is trust.

As a matter of fact to grow we have engaged people who we have been trusting over the years as friends. Trust is manifested in various levels; let me share the 3 most relevant to us.

  1. To oneself: getting guidance from friends is very important because it is without bias. If they tell you something it is open and honest.

  2. To each other: business partnership and friendship can provide great synergies and understanding. In times of challenge, I’d rather share it with both a friend and partner.

  3. To our clients: Mutual trust is a sacred value which uses its own language. Clients rely on valued colleagues and friends because they trust each other and can push beyond normal limits. That is the definition of success.

Our focus is on two areas that we consider intimately linked: Disruptive Energy and Intelligence of Things.

We will be describing our vision in details for each area, however a hint can be extrapolated from “Our Playground section of our webpage.

Our clients' success is our constant obsession.

In the spirit of our name, we expanded the network by adding more locations with key members of the team.

"Courage is being scared to death..... and saddling up anyway" John Wayne

We scout within and beyond our networks for partners to successfully solve complex challenges, while broadening our circle of partners and friends.

Your questions about our vision, our disruptive process, our networks and our successes are very welcomed: go ahead and contact us.

"Know Thyself (γνῶθι σεαυτόν)" - Socrates

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