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Business of Culture - by MIT - 1

Series X: MIT Bootcamp // Episode 1: The Program

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As times naturally elapses, the key features that marked a soul through a unique event/program get more evident; the noise dissipates and the high tones are enhanced.

Upon leaving the USA towards Vienna, various and mixed feelings were just in my mind. It was not the first time for me in the elegant Austrian capital and somehow, I didn't know what to really expect by the Bootcamp program.

Furthermore, Bridging Value as business accelerator is focusing on understanding the culture of clients and their target markets. On the other hand though, the Business of Culture is not the typical "game room" of my client base.

What was I going to learn? How would the interactions be? How was I going to contribute to the other participants to the program?


By now, Vienna is already few weeks away, but the waves of the experiences shared with a special and selected group are still very active.


The “Bootcamp” concept by MIT is such that instead of sitting in a classroom, the class goes where business happens. Taking professionals to interact with operators in their field is a challenging but interesting approach.

The inaugural Business of Culture Bootcamp, saw approximately 500 applicants, according to the MIT organizers. The final cohort was of just 6:

Gayoung Park Gema Álava Giuseppe Liberati business reporter artist & cultural advisor founder & chief strategist

south korea spain | usa italy | usa

Holly Stevenson Iñigo IrizarArcelus Roberto Bonilla creative director consultant & business advisor corporate attorney usa spain mexico

As part of such a diverse and selected team, we were exposed to some precious moments with key Austrian cultural institutions. Furthermore we had the chance to share ideas and perspectives with those who make “Culture”.


The program included visits and meetings with: Demel Konditorei; The Metternich Family patrons of the Graffeneg Music Festival with concert by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra; Ludwig Reiter’s latest generation of Imperial shoe craftsmanship; The Tiergarten Schoenbrunn (the oldest zoo in the world); The Kunsthistorisches Museum; The Salzburg Summer Festival attending a concert by the Young Mahler Ochestra and Lear by Aribert Reimann; Dinner with the lead Viennese Horn of the world famous Wiener Philarmoniker.

Every meeting left us with some specific impressions about the business levers of each institution we met. Certainly, our interactions also left their marks on those we met.

[to be continued....]

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